Careers at St. George's

Join one of the most dynamic faculty communities in Memphis, a community grounded in a commitment to teaching and learning that is active and agile. St. George’s places a high value on relationships that foster confidence, and curiosity in students so that they can courageously chase their dreams. When we greet students, laugh with them, connect with them, and show kindness to them, we are naming them as God’s children and connecting them to our rich Episcopal culture. In so doing, we affirm their place in the St. George’s community and create a culture in which they can best learn, grow, and thrive.

St. George's will be the right school for teachers who...

    • Put the needs of each student dead center, every day, every class, every interaction.
    • Want to challenge their own practice whenever there is an opportunity to serve students better.
    • Model the characteristics of great collaborators by participating in departments, grade levels, and divisions.
    • Are ready to be the reason that a student and family should choose our school.
    • Are deeply aligned with our strategic plan and are earnestly committed to moving it forward.
    • Reach out not only to the students who make it easy on them, but also to all those who don’t.
    • Pitch in when they can, however they can.
    • Strive to be the sort of people we describe in the Portrait of a Graduate.

  Opportunities at St. George’s

In addition, St. George's values coaching experience in the following areas:

    • girls volleyball
    • boys lacrosse
    • girls lacrosse
    • girls basketball 
    • boys football


A Great Time to Be in Memphis

Memphis has been named as a top city in the United States for livability and one of four top cities in the U.S. for “live/work/play environments,” along with Brooklyn, Portland (OR), and Nashville. Learn more here!

For natives and non-natives alike, Memphis offers a plethora of opportunities to do good, with immediate access to people and programs that are actively making our community a better place to live, work, and play. Learn more below, or see the Choose901 videos below.

With a regional median price for homes at $164,000, Memphis is one of the top cities in the nation for those desiring home ownership. Whether a downtown loft on the river, a 1920’s Craftsman in a walking neighborhood in Midtown, or a larger home for a house full of children, Memphis offers plenty of opportunities to build real estate equity. Learn more here!

How to Apply

Please review the job descriptions available above and submit cover letter and resume only to the campus to which the position applies.

Contacts by campus

Paula Boruszewski @ Collierville Campus (grades 6-12)
Tracy Forbes @ Germantown Campus (grades PK-5)
Erin Payne @ Memphis Campus (grades PK-5)

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