Upper School (Grades 9-12)

Thank you for your interest in St. George's upper school! By challenging our students to think critically and ethically, to work collaboratively, to communicate clearly, and to engage authentically in the local, national and global community, our program prepares them for the unprecedented challenges and opportunities presented by the 21st century. The upper school academic program is demanding and engaging, and offers excellent preparation for undergraduate studies. The range of AP and Honors courses is broad, as are opportunities for older students to take elective courses. Our Senior Independent Study, a graduation requirement for all students, allows students to engage in experiential learning of their own design, followed by an intensive, research-based writing process. Our seniors also pursue a Senior Global Challenge in advance of graduation as small groups contend with, and propose solutions for challenges faced globally.

Our students also engage in unique co-curricular programs that affirm the school's overarching commitment to fostering student engagement and leadership. Examples of those programs include SGGO!, Youth in Government, the Institute for Citizenship, etc.

While we are proud of the breadth and depth of our program, positive and generative relationships between students and faculty are what truly sets us apart. Those relationships fuel a uniquely energetic school where students feel safe and connected. As a result, our students learn to be proactive self-advocates, to develop resiliency, to learn the benefits of positive, healthy risk-taking, to push outside of their comfort zone, and to understand the difference between excellence and perfection.

Our website is a valuable and informative window into our unique environment, though our uniquely St. George's energy is best experienced by visiting our campus and spending time among our students and teachers. I hope you will not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office to arrange your visit!

Pam McCarthy, Upper School Director

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