Lower School (Grades PK-5)


Early Childhood Division (grades PK-1)

“A child is a discoverer...an amorphous, splendid being in search of his own proper form."
          – Maria Montessori, educator and philosopher

“Early experiences are so powerful...they can completely change the way a person turns out.”
          – Harry Chugani, pediatric neurobiologist

The faculty and staff of our early childhood division are caring and compassionate educators who provide dynamic, hands-on, problem-solving experiences designed to hone important intellectual and emotional skills.

Beginning in prekindergarten, teachers build on a set of core capabilities, one step at a time. Along the way, dynamic activities designed to shape 21st century skills are added: writing in prekindergarten, graphing in junior kindergarten; the first formal forays into public speaking in senior kindergarten; and research projects in first grade. Along the way, our early childhood students have abundant opportunities to explore, discover, and compare.

Other co-curricular events are designed to provide additional reinforcement for new skills and knowledge by providing our students with chances to link their classroom learning to real-world experiences. Prekindergarten students enjoy visits from farm animals during their farm unit and police and fire fighters during their community helpers unit. Junior kindergarten students explore a broader world through cross-campus activities, dramatic play, and community adventures such as a visit to our own working farm at the Collierville campus. Celebrations of the 50th and 100th days of school reinforce the mathematics curriculum. Fathers or male role models of senior kindergarten students enjoy Dad’s Day in the Woods, an afternoon of nature and team building activities with links to their study of forests and forest animals. First graders go to the zoo in conjunction with their research on animals and habitats and preparation for their animal play. By the end of first grade, St. George’s early childhood students have begun playing an active role in leading chapel services, have contributed to several service projects and are beginning to understand the importance of making connections with the world and people around them.

Elementary Division (grades 2-5)

“There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.”
         – Graham Greene, author and philosopher

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”
          – Walt Disney

The elementary division at St. George’s nurtures the growth, independence, and development of our students in second through fifth grade. Continued emphasis is placed on lifelong learning, meaningful relationships, and an appreciation for each individual student.

Throughout their years in the elementary division, students participate in concrete and memorable events that develop these critical skills. Second graders benefit from Culture Day when students delve further into diverse cultures through hands-on activities and events. In third grade students are involved in Magical Math Night,an overnight at school that includes mathematical games and fun. Fourth graders attend their first out of town field trip at Reelfoot Lake, exploring the geology of the land, the wildlife, and the formation of the lake. As fifth graders, students encounter numerous opportunities for leadership, collaboration, and problem solving. A fall retreat to Victory Ranch helps students to know each other, practice leadership skills, and unify as a class. Each fifth grader composes and delivers a speech pertaining to a chosen character trait during a morning chapel service, a milestone that further develops their communication skills. Later in the year, fifth grade students participate in the Mud Trudge, a challenging, muddy obstacle course that demands collaboration. By the end of fifth grade, students have a firm foundation of experience in lifelong learning and leadership.

St. George’s prides itself on developing positive, affirming relationships among its constituents: teacher and student, parent and teacher, student and student, and family and school. The faculty and staff of the elementary division continue to create an atmosphere conducive to building self-esteem, secure risk-taking, and overall growth of mind, body, and spirit. Relationships are fostered across grade levels, peer groups, and campuses to broaden the student’s perspective of self and others. By the end of fifth grade, students are able to cross the bridge from the elementary grades to the middle school with poise and confidence because they are aware of the partnership and support system provided by their families and the faculty and administrators involved in the elementary division.


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