Request the Services of the Communications Team

The Communications Office must be a partner in any school-related communication, particularly anything that uses the name of the school or any school logos. This ensures consistency in brand and message. To that end, the Communications Office stands ready to serve all faculty, staff, parents, and students in determining and executing their communications needs. Through a mutual understanding of goals, audience, budget, and timelines, we can work together to implement timely and effective communication tactics

The information you provide via this form allows the Communications Office to open your project for consideration and set up a conversation to review budget and staff resources available.

Keep in mind that the Communications Office must work this project into our existing project queue. Please provide your ideal timeline; we will work together to achieve it.​
Please give your best estimate. Quantity will be re-verified prior to printing.​

Thank you for your project submission! A member of the Communications Team will be in touch with you for further discussion.

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