Counseling and Learning Services

The Department of Counseling and Guidance provides a holistic approach to child development in keeping with St. George’s mission and philosophy. Research-based knowledge is used to help students develop their academic and personal strengths with emphasis on social development, self-esteem, social consciousness, stress management, decision making, and cross-cultural awareness. When appropriate, sex education and drug and alcohol programs are implemented as a part of this guidance curriculum.

The department responds to questions and concerns expressed by parents, faculty, staff, and students. Individual and group counseling, and classroom-based interventions are designed and implemented to enhance the behavioral, social, or educational status of the student or prevent difficulties in these areas. Members of the department develop programs that help address potential problems, and strengthen and support each student’s personal and academic development. Perhaps most importantly, they sometimes simply provide a safe place to talk.

The Counseling and Learning Services Department not only supports the academic goals of each student but also provides education that helps them navigate the social, emotional, and spiritual pathways to adulthood. As a part of that mission students will engage in developmentally appropriate guidance curriculum that includes goal setting, study skills, conflict resolution, decision making, social skills, career research, peer pressure, and healthy and responsible choices. For more information, visit Resources for Families.

Germantown campus

Kathy Knowles, Lower School Director of Counseling and Learning Services

Memphis campus

The Rev. Cedrick Jackson, Chaplain and Dean of Students

Collierville campus

Elizabeth Bran, Director of Counseling and Guidance

Amy Michalak, Director of Counseling and Guidance - Middle School

Dr. Brenda Monk, Director of Learning Services, Upper School

Ms. Anne Nixon, Director of Learning Services, Middle School

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