Academics: Lower School (grades PK-5)


How can lower school students achieve the strongest educational start possible? 

In our early childhood program, your child begins with all the fundamental building blocks of learning – sounding out syllables, mastering numbers, mapping familiar neighborhoods, and labeling the forewings of a bee on a diagram.

But at St. George’s, your child also inventories the supplies for a make-believe pizzeria and tracks the movements of an imaginary herd of buffalo. Later, in the elementary division (grades 2-5), he studies photosynthesis on the sun-dappled paths of a nearby nature preserve and hikes through a cavern to explore the bat habitats he’s been studying in class.

At St. George’s, your child does all this – mastering classic content and embracing extraordinary experience – because we want him not only to build sound foundations but to ignite a lifetime of deep curiosity.


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