Active Learning and Agile Teaching...

To build disciplined minds, adventurous spirits, and brave hearts.


Your child’s success tomorrow rests with a school that cements all the basics—
     critical language arts skills
that move him from excited reader to cogent writer.
     mathematical fluencies
ranging from solving equations to predicting election returns.
     scientific logic
that encompasses hands-on labs and theoretical physics.

And his enthusiasm today depends upon a school that uses compelling methods—
     active lessons
that urge him out of his seat and into discovery.
     collaborative work
that leads him into productive relationships with others.
     experiential projects
that tap his critical thinking skills and his creative reserves.

 St. George’s Independent School advances the best of both models, for today and tomorrow. Between the miracle of your child as you see him today, and the wonder of what he’s growing into tomorrow, the active learning and agile teaching of a St. George’s education help him build a disciplined mind, an adventurous spirit, and a brave heart.




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