Faculty Profiles

Our faculty are the heart of St. George's. These profiles offer a glimpse of just a few of our outstanding teachers!


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Teaching is the perfect job. Every day is different and is full of rewards.
What do I like best about my job? The kids, of course! This is a school where children are treated with great respect and with kindness. We have a culture of kindness here at St. George's that I love.
As a teacher, it's easy to have a lesson go well and then decide there's no need to change it. It's harder to continue working on developing good lesson plans and classroom experiences.
Kids need to try doing things outside their comfort zone, to not be afraid to make mistakes, move on, and laugh a lot.
I want students to love learning and for them to have a desire to learn. Learning is a process, and it's something you do your whole life.
St. George's is a school that encourages each child to discover his/her gifts and talents. As a school, we encourage children to take healthy risks like trying out for the school play or participating in a new sport.
I love that I can pass along my passion for music and teach children exciting things about music that they may never learn anywhere else in their lives. I love involving them in music by having them just do it!

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