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Cultivating Citizens Symposium


A Symposium on March 26-27, 2010
Memphis, TN

OVERVIEW: Organized by St. George’s Independent School in honor of its 50th anniversary and co-sponsored by FedEx, the Hyde Family Foundations, Rhodes College, and the Tennessee Association of Independent Schools, the symposium drew educators, community leaders, and parents for a dialogue about 21st century education.  See a list of speakers and panelistsFor a seven-minute overview of symposium highlights, see the VIDEO AT RIGHT.  Click here to listen to Saturday's sessions in their entirety. For news and media information about the symposium, click here. For info on the Civil War Legacies forum, held in conjunction with the education symposium, click here

WHY A SYMPOSIUM?: Why would a school choose to mark its 50th anniversary with an event of this nature? Because St. George's believes that teaching citizenship is a critical component of 21st century education and because we believe that we have a role to play in partnering with and giving back to our community.


"This weekend's event was breathtaking. I was so proud to call SGIS my son's school." – A St. George's parent and symposium attendee.

"This symposium encouraged me to be more involved in my school and community and to encourage my students to do the same" – local teacher and symposium attendee

"Outstanding overall!  I really enjoyed college presidents and David Blight, as well as meeting and connecting with others in our community who are interested in this topic."  – Symposium attendee




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