Tuition and Financial Aid

Independent school education is quite an investment.  The costs of an experienced, motivated, and nurturing faculty; extensive and progressive curriculum and extracurricular programs; and extraordinary facilities are significant. Investing in your child's future can be challenging. Our goal at St. George's Independent School is to assure that no qualified student is deterred from applying based on financial constraints.  Families that feel they need assistance are encouraged to apply for scholarship assistance. 

Financial assistance includes the following:
  • Need-based scholarship assistance
  • Case-by-case payment plans

Click here to download tuition figures for 2015/2016 school year.

1. Need-based scholarship assistance
St. George's Independent School offers financial aid to qualified students based on demonstrated need. Demonstrated need is defined most simply as the difference between the school's tuition and fees and what the family can reasonably contribute. In order to determine family contribution,  the school uses the analysis of an outside, objective service called School Scholarship Service (SSS) based in Princeton, New Jersey.

How to apply:
(a) Parents can visit the National Association of Independent Schools' (link operational in January of each year) website to complete a Parent Financial Statement (PFS)

(b)Parent/guardian(s) should submit PFS to SSS by NAIS and a copy of the most recent 1040 tax return to SGIS as soon as possible in order to be included in the distribution of financial assistance funds (please check timelines and deadlines for these forms for the campus to which you are applying).

(c) Candidates receiving financial awards will be notified as soon as possible, usually in the late spring or early summer.

2. Case-by-case payment plans:

St. George's Independent School can work with families who may be experiencing changing financial pictures i.e. the sale of a house etc. that might preclude them from paying on scheduled due dates. Contact the Business Office at (901) 457-2134 to inquire how we can help you through rare circumstances.

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